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Submerged Aquatic Vegetation or better known as seagrass

Importance of Seagrass

 Seagrasses are submerged flowering plants found in shallow marine waters, such as bays and lagoons and along the continental shelf in the Gulf of Mexico. A vital part of the marine ecosystem due to their productivity level, seagrasses provide food, habitat, and nursery areas for numerous vertebrate and invertebrate species. The vast biodiversity and sensitivity to changes in water quality inherent in seagrass communities makes seagrasses an important species to help determine the overall health of coastal ecosystems. Seagrasses perform numerous functions 

Halodule wrightii seagrass plug

Sustainable harvesting methods

We collect all of our plant stock from seagrass beds that are going to be otherwise destroyed. Our methods of collection do not endanger any natural seagrass beds.

Beau Williams seagrass exhibit at The Florida Aquarium

Giving back and educating the community about seagrass

Aquaticus Plants partners with several Non Profit Organizations to educate the public on the importance of seagrass and how it benefits the environment. Some of our partners include The Florida Aquarium, Rock The Ocean, and The Ocean Foundation


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